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Linux+ (XK0-004) Study Package

Pass the Linux Exam (XK0-004)
The First Time You Take It

At  $319, this exam is expensive.
Make sure you’re ready before exam day!

Full bank of over 60 realistic practice test questions with in-depth explanations to help you pass the Linux exam the first time you take it.

Run Linux from a USB

Check out this blog post to learn how to run Linux from a USB.

I’ll continue to add questions and you’ll have instant access to all the new questions as I add them until the end of your subscription.

Special Introductory Pricing
Only $9.99

Here’s what you get.

Linux Study Materials

60 Day Package

Full bank of over 60 Linux (XK0-004) multiple-choice practice test questions.

All questions include explanations so you’ll know why the correct answers are correct, and why the incorrect answers are incorrect.

See a demo here. This demo includes some sample multiple choice questions.

Bonus #1

Hands-on Labs. Labs you can easily perform to help you learn many of the commands and operators on the live exam.

See a demo here.

Bonus #2

Extended access. Access the study materials for a total of 60 days because sometimes life happens.

Bonus #3

10% off Voucher. Access to a coupon code that will give you 10% off your exam voucher. At the current price of $319 USD for the Linux voucher, this can save you $31.90.

Packages are available online shortly after making your payment, as long as you enter your email address correctly.

Only $9.99 during this introductory phase for a limited time.


All questions include explanations so you’ll know why the correct answers are correct, and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. This way no matter how CompTIA words the questions, you’ll be able to answer them correctly.

Multiple quiz formats to let you use these questions based on the way you learn.

  • Learn mode. Learn mode allows you to keep selecting answers until you select the correct answer. Once you select the correct answer, you’ll see the explanation.
  • Test mode. In test mode, you can only see the correct answers and explanations after you complete the test.

This package allows you to go through the practice test questions in multiple ways based on how you learn best.

  • Domains 1 through 5* using Learn Mode
  • Domains 1 through 5* using Test Mode (Randomized)
  • Special Test Your Readiness Quiz (75 random questions from the full bank)

Test your readiness with these quality questions.
Understand the important concepts using the explanations.


All materials are available online shortly after making your payment.

Want to know about the Linux+ exam. Check out this page.

I am adding new questions almost daily. You can see the regular progress here.

*CompTIA identified five domains of objectives for the CompTIA Linux exam. They are:

  • 1.0 Hardware and System Configuration
  • 2.0 Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • 3.0 Security
  • 4.0 Linux Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • 5.0 Automation and Scripting