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These Aren't Your Daddy's Flash Cards

These Aren’t Your Daddy’s Flash Cards

You may remember paper-based flashcards when you were in grade school. I remember drilling multiplication tables into my head with them. One side had something like

5 x 5

The other side had the answer: 25.

However, these are not paper-based flashcards. Instead, they are online digital flashcards. You can access them from any web browser and almost any computing device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

They show one side and you click it (or touch the screen depending on your device) to see the other side. Click the right or left arrows to move to the next one or see the previous one.

Some people ask why I don’t create paper-based flashcards. There just isn’t enough demand for them, and the cost to create them in small quantities would make the selling price significantly higher.