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Q. Your organization recently purchased several new laptop computers for employees. You’re asked to encrypt the laptop’s hard drives without purchasing any additional hardware. What would you use?



C. VM escape


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Answer. is correct. A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is included in many new laptops and it provides a mechanism for vendors to perform hard drive encryption.

Because the TPM components are included, this solution does not require purchasing additional hardware.

An HSM is a removable hardware device and is not included with laptops, so it requires an additional purchase.

A VM escape attack runs on a virtual system, and if successful, it allows the attacker to control the physical host server and all other virtual servers on the physical server.

A network-based data loss prevention (DLP) system can examine and analyze network traffic and detect if confidential company data is included.

Objective: 4.4 Implement the appropriate controls to ensure data security.


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